Darrin Eakins Wilmington NC

Darrin Eakins is a pro at making changes. After an injury and illness forced him to leave his job as an orthopedic surgeon, he became interested in stock trading and investing, which led to new interests and career paths. Then, when he had more time for hobbies, he fell in love with pickleball and rediscovered an old family love of art.

Eakins's experience as an orthopedic surgeon helps him with much of the work he does now, like biomedical stock analysis. This small part of the analyst field looks at how pharmaceutical and other biotech companies might be suitable investments. Having the view of a surgeon and knowing how to care for patients and run a hospital or clinic helps Eakins look at new products from different companies from different angles and figure out when it's an excellent time to buy.

He is interested in more than just medical stocks on the stock market and has become a very active trader of futures. Futures trading requires a deep understanding of the market and the ability to spot opportunities to make money. Traders can buy lots to protect themselves from market changes or make bets. An essential skill is being able to bet on the future price of a stock index or commodity instead of owning a single stock when the futures contract ends.

Darrin Eakins worked full-time in Willmington, North Carolina, as an orthopedist specializing in sports medicine. A specialist in orthopedic surgery helps people who have problems with their bones, joints, or muscles. They also treat cancer, congenital disabilities, diseases that worsen over time, and sports injuries. So Eakins knows a lot about sports injuries, especially those that often happens when playing pickleball.

After getting his bachelor's degree in science from Baylor University, Dr. Eakins went to Wake Forest School of Medicine to become a doctor. In 1992, he got his diploma. Then, he went to Oregon Health Sciences University for 6 years to do an internship and residency in orthopedic surgery. He also spent an extra year as a fellow at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

After getting his MD, Dr. Eakins worked for over 20 years as an orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon.
Even though he was swamped as a surgeon, Eakins still found time to help other people. In 2001, he gave a house to Habitat for Humanity because of this.

He was one of the best at Wake School of Medicine and one of the top students in his medical school class.

Darrin Eakins is interested in many things, like investing in the stock market, trading futures, analyzing biomedical stocks, pickleball, fishing, sports injuries, health and nutrition, and painting with acrylics. As one of his other interests, he is currently investing in the stock market and improving at analyzing it.

His father loved to paint. As a full-time surgeon, Eakins had to put aside many of his interests to operate and care for patients. After he retired, he rediscovered his love of art, which he had first learned from his father when he was a child.

In the same way, pickleball has been a great way to get back into shape and build strength. Aside from being a fun and competitive sport, it has helped people improve their motor skills, build up their stamina, and get new mental clarity by getting them to exercise daily.

He was in a terrible accident while mountain biking around 2008. He hurt both of his wrists and shoulders. It meant that he had to have more than one surgery and couldn't work as a surgeon anymore.

During his recovery from multiple surgeries, he became addicted to oxycontin. This commonly prescribed opiate has been banned and is the subject of many lawsuits because it is so addicting. This ultimately led to depression, a break from his family, and a divorce. He struggled with addiction and depression for ten years and went in and out of different treatment centers and rehabs until 2016 when he spent more than a year in recovery in Florida at Life Skills, Boca Raton, and Half Way House, Del Ray.

Darrin Eakins says he thought he could beat the disease with willpower and intelligence, just like he had done with everything else. However, he found that he had to give in to the condition, admit he had a problem he couldn't solve on his own, and ask for help from people with similar issues. He will never be able to beat it, but he can live well with it if he gives up and asks God and other alcoholics for help daily.